About Us


Brutal Jewelry Online is an online jewelry and accessories retailer set on quality products at affordable prices. For the optimal experience our products are purchased from various suppliers primarily in the US with a worldwide client base. Established in 2018 by Frantz Brutus, with the aim of connecting cultures around the world.  Browse our inventory to see for yourself and enjoy a variety of cultures, trends, and fashions!



Born and raised in Haiti, Frantz Brutus was inspired by the many cultures encountered on his deployments as a US Marine and a Security Contractor. With the aim to providing access to authentic cultural trends worldwide. From handmade bracelet beads to fine crafted diamond studs. He hopes to bring the joys and representation of all cultures right to your front door. 

As Brutus expands his franchise, look to the availability of multitude of products from Health&Beauty to clothing and home decor to electronics. Brutal Jewelry Online is one of many en-devours within the House of Brutus umbrella.